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Due to coronavirus, the thaiboxing basics course will be postponed, and all scheduled, instructor-led training is cancelled

In accordance with the recommendations of the Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare, and the Finnish Muay Thai Association, we will be avoiding unnecessary gatherings and close contact at the King of the Ring gym.

We will email those who already signed up for the upcoming basics course about the new start date of the course once we know when normal training can resume.

All scheduled training is cancelled until further notice.

The gym will remain open, and training independently is allowed. Good hygiene is vital in all training, and it is important to wash your hands, especially before and after using the available equipment (communal gloves and shin guards, the thai pads at the gym, etc.)

You are not allowed to train at the gym, even alone, if you are even mildly fluish or if you are aware of a potential exposure to the virus. For now, we recommend replacing thaiboxing with jogging or other auxiliary training.

If you have been to the gym recently and you get diagnosed with the virus, or get quarantined, inform the association immediately, for example by emailing us at if.gnirehtfognik@tcatnoc .

If you train with others at the gym, make sure to share contact information so that you can inform each other, if you get sick after training - let’s stop new infection chains, before they have a chance to spread further.

Changes and further information will be posted on this website and the association’s other information channels.